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Well-Fitting, Natural-Looking Dentures

We provide high-quality, well-fitting custom full and partial dentures, as well as denture relines and repairs. Dr. Bartlett is very experienced in using dentures to restore the smiles of her patients.

We also provide the latest advancement in denture technology—implant-supported dentures. We can create you a new set of entirely stable, implant-supported teeth or we can anchor your existing denture to implants for greater stability in your mouth and increased chewing power.

Custom, High-Quality Dentures

We provide quality, custom dentures that are beautiful and well-fitting. We use an excellent, high-quality dental lab and the teeth on your denture are individually characterized with care so that your denture will look natural and lifelike. We don’t cut corners on our lab process—we use top-grade impression material to make sure your dentures fit well, and we will provide any relining or adjustment needed to make sure you are happy with their fit and comfort.

DuraFlex™ Flexible, Metal-Free Partial Dentures

We offer DuraFlex flexible partial dentures that are entirely metal-free and are comfortable to wear.

DuraFlex is a highly durable, flexible material that is so strong, it is considered to be unbreakable. The gum and palate parts of DuraFlex partial dentures are transparent, allowing the natural color of your own gum and palate tissue to shine through. This makes for a highly aesthetic result, with the dentures blending in seamlessly with your own natural gum tissue.

The DuraFlex material does not absorb water, and this makes them highly resistant to stains and odors.


Complimentary Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Consultation

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Types of Dentures We Offer

Full Dentures

Full, traditional dentures are removable and replace an entire arch of teeth. The upper denture usually has a fake palate, which is necessary for structural support and to help keep the denture in place. We provide detailed custom dentures that are well-fitting and have individually characterized teeth that look very lifelike.

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Partial Dentures

Traditional partial dentures are removable and are usually made from a rigid acrylic material. They are usually kept in place with the help of metal clasps that grip around existing, adjacent teeth.

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DuraFlex Metal-Free Partial Dentures

We offer DuraFlex flexible partial dentures that are virtually unbreakable and comfortable to wear. The gum and palate parts of DuraFlex dentures are highly transparent, allowing your natural tissue color to shine through, making for a very natural look.

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Implant-Supported Dentures

We can craft you a denture that is supported by implants and is either fixed in your mouth permanently or can be removed by you for cleaning, as you prefer. Implant-supported dentures are stable, provide increased chewing power and help prevent bone loss in the jaw.

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Denture Stabilization

We can retrofit your existing denture with special attachments that connect onto implants. This will stabilize your denture and stop it from moving around in your mouth. It will also give you more chewing power.

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Real Patient Story

“Dr. Bartlett and her staff go out of their way to make me feel comfortable.”

“Dr. Bartlett is very down-to-earth and easy to speak with. She keeps updated on the latest dental procedures, and knowing she teaches at the best dental school in the state makes me feel assured of her capability. But most of all, she and her staff go out of their way to make me feel comfortable—less like a patient and more like a favored client.

“I have been using her services for several years. After getting married two years ago, we moved three hours away. When I heard she started a new practice only an hour away, I immediately called her new office to set myself up as a new client. Yes, she is definitely worth the one-hour drive.

“Her staff is also very capable and easy to work with on billing. I never have to worry about unexpected bills in the mail. Her office gives me a clear idea of all charges before I leave my appointment.

“I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone who asks.”


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