First Visit & New Patient Exam in Cullman, AL

Friendly receptionist greets a patient

Thorough Exams by a Friendly, Knowledgeable Doctor

From the moment you walk through the door, you will be made to feel welcome by our warm and friendly staff. We want you to consider our practice your “dental home.”

During your first visit, you will receive a thorough new patient exam so we can assess your oral condition. We will also get to know you and your dental goals.

Our doctors are friendly and will listen to any problems or concerns you may have with your oral health. They will take the time to explain any issues they find during your exam, and they will go over your treatment options in detail and in terms that you can understand.

$59 New Patient Exam, X-Rays and Consultation

Dental Special Offer

You can take advantage of our New Patient Special to receive a comprehensive oral exam, X-rays and personal consultation. Your visit will include:

  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • 4 bite-wing X-rays
  • Smile evaluation
  • Learn about your options
  • Get your questions answered
  • Treatment plan
  • Receive a second opinion about dental work
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Comprehensive dental care for a lifetime of smiles

At Dental Arts, we are dedicated to delivering premium patient care through comprehensive dentistry, and to providing a reliable “dental home” for our patients. Our doctors are caring, experienced and skilled in almost every aspect of dentistry you might have a need for.

We like to treat our patients’ confidence and self-esteem at the same time as their dental health, so we will make sure that all the work we do is visually pleasing as well as biologically sound. We will take good care of your teeth and set you up for a lifetime of great oral health and confident smiles.

Image of a dental hygienist showing a patient a model set of teeth during a patient educational consultation.

New Patient Exam

Welcoming you to our office and getting to know you and your dental goals

You will be greeted by our friendly receptionist who will offer you a beverage. We will ask you to fill out your dental and medical history on a computer in the front room, and one of our hygienists will give you a tour of our office. We will get to know you and your dental goals, and find out about any current concerns or problems you might be having with your oral health.

Intraoral Camera

We will take photos of your smile using an intraoral camera that takes pictures inside your mouth. We will use these photos later in your visit, to show you any issues that may have come to light during your exam.

Digital X-Rays

We will take digital X-rays of your mouth. Digital X-rays use 80% less radiation than traditional X-rays, and they are immediately available for viewing.

Panoramic X-rays and CT scans

If necessary, we can take panoramic X-rays that give us a comprehensive overview of your entire mouth. If more detail is needed, we can also have you obtain a 360° CT scan in a separate facility very close by. This scan will show all the soft and hard tissues in your mouth with great accuracy. CT scans are usually only required in the case of dental implant treatment or orthodontic treatment.


Periodontal (gum) evaluation

One of our hygienists will do a periodontal (gum) evaluation to check the condition of your gums and assess the level of any gum disease that might be present.

Thorough oral exam

Next, the doctor will do a thorough oral exam. They will show you your X-rays and intraoral photos on a monitor in the treatment room and go over any problem areas that were identified during your exam. The doctors will present all treatment options in detail and in terms that you can understand. They will listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have.


Oral cancer screening

As part of your exam, you will also receive an oral cancer screening. This is a routine but important precaution, since oral cancer is highly treatable if detected early. The doctor will perform a visual and manual check for any abnormalities.

Portrait image of a patient after receiving dental treatment and smiling for their testimonial image.

Real Patient Story

“I feel so great now. Dr. Bartlett is fantastic.”

“I love the customer-focused attitude of Dr. Bartlett and her staff. The environment in their office is very welcoming. I really feel like I’m a part of their family.

“Dr. Bartlett is skilled in her profession and has a ‘down-to-earth’ personality that welcomes patients and makes them feel comfortable. She’s knowledgeable and very customer-focused.

“I had a dental issue for years—a root canal that wasn’t closed up—and she took care of it. She found the problem, eliminated the weird taste in my mouth and gave me a new smile.

“I feel so great now. Dr. Bartlett is fantastic.”

—Cynthia, crown and bridge

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